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Amazon Gift Cards: Holiday Season

An upbeat, playful campaign to highlight Amazon's range of holiday-themed gift cards.


Produce a series of viral, fun, and playful stop motion videos for reusable Amazon gift card products themed around the holiday season.


Our in-house video team quickly turned around three short-form, stop motion videos combining expert photography and clever editing to create a series of playful ads that perfectly matched the style of the overall campaign.


We helped elevate Amazon Gift Cards with a stylized product video shoot, driving further engagement for the brand and products while showing off the fun packaging designs.

Thanks to our existing relationship with Amazon through our work on projects like New World, we were approached by their Gift Cards team to help showcase their newest line of reusable gift card products for the holiday season.

Their new line of reusable gift cards, with unique designs that could be turned into keepsakes like trinket tins and photo frames, were a new way to bring excitement to their range of products.

We were tasked with creating a series of videos showing off these new gift cards and how they transform into their reusable trinkets. Our main consideration was time – the holidays were just around the corner, so we needed to work fast to ensure the videos were ready in time for the season.

We decided that a stop-motion animation would show off this transformation in a quick, informative, and playful way that felt as unique as the gift cards themselves.

Once we received the gift cards, we set about storyboarding and testing our stop motion idea, as well as setting up a photography studio to ensure high-quality assets for our video. We worked to a tight deadline to capture the footage and edit the frames into a fluid stop-motion animation, creating three whimsical short videos for the campaign.

Amazon Gift Cards were very happy with the final product, and we look forward to partnering with them across different seasonal holidays to create more short-form marketing videos for their products.

Thank you so much for all your help on this rush project! This was really fun and brought the designs to life, and we hope to do more of these with our new physical products.

Erika Gaebel Creative Director

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