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Elden Ring Discord Server – Bandai Namco

Helping Bandai Namco home their community of Tarnished with Discord.


Help Bandai Namco to launch the official Elden Ring Discord brand server – including setup, strategy, maintenance, and reporting – to foster a community around the game.


Project N designed, built, and launched the Discord server on behalf of Bandai Namco, with a host of helpful bots, a bespoke rule set, tailored community discussion channels, and user moderation to over 20,000 users on launch weekend.


We saw over 20,000 users join the community in the first weekend, with over 40,000 users continuing to discuss all things Elden Ring within the first week. Today the server has over 285,000 users!

Bandai Namco were looking for a partner to help them launch a Discord server for their highly anticipated game, Elden Ring, and we stepped up to the plate.

With the launch pushed back to February 2022, fans of the game had been looking for a live place to rally and discuss it in the run-up to the game’s release in the new year, and we gave them an outlet to come together and form a community.

Project N delivered a fully thought-out execution, complete with user moderation, bespoke emojis and assets, with a dedicated team put in place to help support its growth.

The Discord server launched ahead of Elden Ring’s highly-anticipated Closed Network Test, providing a place for fans of the game to share their theories and thoughts with other dedicated members of the community, as well as increase their excitement for the game through memes and other shared jokes.

Within five days of launching the server, the community had grown to over 35,000 users, sending over 42,000 messages. After 15 days, user numbers had increased to over 42,000, with over 120,000 messages sent, and now the server sits at over 285,000 users! You can join the Elden Ring Discord server here.

Upon launch of the server, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe Social Media Strategist Elissa Dukes said: “Working with Project N on this server made the process easy. They had the expertise to answer all of our questions, and the execution was exactly what we had hoped. We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them and Discord!”

If you need any support with the community management for your game or product or perhaps you’d like support in setting up a Discord server for your game’s community then we can help! From strategy to moderation our team is well versed in Discord support. For more information on any of our services or just a friendly chat about best practices when it comes to Discord get in touch here.

“Working with Project N on this server made the process easy.

Elissa Dukes Social Media Strategist, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

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