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Epic Games: Fortnite Summer / Winter Trials

Fortnite Winter Trials Landing Page


Run an influencer tournament to celebrate the new season of Fortnite and drive user engagement.


We designed and built a website with a voting mechanism in 6 languages, displaying influencer streams, and login for users to play alongside.


Created wireframes, designed and implemented the website and all the functionality for the build.

At Project N, we were honoured to launch the Fortnite Summer Trials in 2020, as a way of engaging with players online about the new season of Fortnite, and since then we’ve worked with Epic on Winter Trials in 2021.

The website allowed players to view influencer content, vote for their favourite streamers, as well as play along, and earn daily rewards to unlock exclusive in-game items. We created the wireframes, designed the website, and implemented all the functionality for the build.

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