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Outriders Worldslayer: Square Enix – Bestiary Series

My, my... what big teeth you have!


Help Square Enix generate interest, hype, and excitement in the run-up to the launch of their Worldslayer DLC and expansion to Outriders.


The objective here was to introduce new and old players alike to these new foes, giving them a taste of the new DLC whilst continuing to build general player hype for the game.


Project N created a series of five videos as a ‘bestiary’ for Worldslayer - the videos showed off some of the cool new enemies. Overall the series received over 100k views and 5k engagements.

Square Enix approached us to produce a series of ‘bestiary’ videos for them to utilize across their social channels for the launch of Outriders Worldslayer. The videos needed to include enemies that would excite existing players and also get potential new players to take notice of the game.

Square Enix outlined which enemies they wanted us to include as part of the series and provided a few examples of content from films and TV to set the tone of our content.

Project N gathered all the raw capture from the game, making use of in-game camera controls to get the best shots of each enemy, cut each video with a predefined flow, and created intricate moving rotoscope effects for every single video. Each video required basic information on the enemies too, so scriptwriting was required that would get viewers to begin to think about what these creatures would do to the player, but not spoiling it too much from the full game.

The final series of short-form videos were shared across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The content received a positive reception with the Outriders Worldslayer audience and achieved over 100k views and 5k engagements. In addition to the video series our editorial team also produced a collection of supporting articles which were run across PCGamesN to help build further awareness around the launch of the new DLC, helping to entice new and lapsed players to pick up Outriders Worldslayer!

The videos were received by the client with positive comments, with small amends required after the initial cut provided by the Project N video team.

If you need any support with your gaming-related project, we’d love to help you out. Whether it be supporting you with video editing, creating video assets for your marketing campaign, or providing you with editorial support from our top-notch writing team then please get in touch today.

Project N expertly delivered outstanding video assets that truly resonated with our global audience. We highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again!

Robbie Palmer Senior Community Manager

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