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UKIE: Get Smart About P.L.A.Y

We were honoured to team up with the UK video games trade association to deliver this crucial awareness campaign.


Educate families on how to set up parental controls on their games consoles at a time when more children than ever are at home playing video games.


Our team worked with UKIE on an influencer-based campaign using footballer Rio Ferdinand to explain how parental controls for gaming work.


This campaign drove 37.5 million impressions and 166,000 clicks, as well as 226,000 video views.

The Get Smart About P.L.A.Y. campaign was a great opportunity for Project N to do some vital work for the games industry, spreading awareness for parents on how to ensure their children are safe while they have fun playing games.

The outstanding reach of this campaign helped spread this useful message to millions of homes and further promote safety and positivity in gaming.

We welcome UKIE’s launch in January 2020 of their ‘Get Smart about P.L.A.Y.’ public campaign…aimed at encouraging more parents to use parental controls on devices.

UK Government response to DCMS Select Committee

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