Project N Round-Up: February’s Top Headlines

The year's shortest month was certainly packed with some big news in the world of gaming.

An image showing the Sony Bungie Acquisition. Acting as the headline image for the Project N February video game marketing news.

With February over, spring no longer feels like a distant dream. And with the passing of another month, it’s time for us to take a look back at the biggest headlines that rocked the world of video game marketing.

Sony to buy Bungie for $3.6bn

The game industry’s period of great consolidation continues as the PlayStation platform-holder acquires Destiny developer Bungie for $3.6 billion. Naturally, many assumed that the move was a reaction to Microsoft’s similarly high-profile acquisitions of Bethesda and Activision, however, this move feels different. Sony was quick to clarify that Bungie will remain an independent multiplatform studio and publisher – meaning that their games will continue to appear on rival platforms. 

Discord comes to PlayStation

Discord is showing no signs of slowing down in 2022, especially with the recently announced integration with PlayStation consoles, first promised back in May 2021. Users can now link to their PlayStation Network Account from Discord and show their friends and communities what games they’re playing. Currently, the integration is pretty limited, both in terms of what it can do and access, but it’s likely the first step for bigger things to come later. 

Tokyo Game Show returns as a physical event

Japan’s number one gaming event will return as a physical in-person event once again in 2022. Running from September 15 to 18 in Chiba, Japan, the show will host hundreds of game firms from around the world, showing off their latest games and products to business guests and the general public. 

Steam Deck launches

February finally welcomed the arrival of Valve’s Steam Deck. On February 25, Valve officially launched their much-hyped portable PC – however, there have been a few delays with some pre-order customers waiting until the end of March to receive their units. The system will run the vast majority of Steam games, including new blockbuster titles like Elden Ring, which launched on the same day.

Games continue multimedia push

This month we learned that Netflix is producing a movie adaptation of 2K’s hit Bioshock series. As one of the most beloved narrative-driven games of all time, it’s an obvious pick for the Netflix treatment and will surely be a hit with fans and non-gamers alike. Elsewhere, Sega has confirmed that Sonic the Hedgehog will not only get a third entry in his film franchise but a Paramount+ series too. It seems the blue hedgehog may take a supporting role in the series, however, as this will primarily focus on his rival-turned-ally Knuckles. Over in China, MiHoYo (Genshin Impact) has launched a cross-media brand, titled HoYoverse. 

Roblox reports 108% revenue boost in 2021

The UGC-driven games platform Roblox continues its domination according to new revenue figures released by the firm. The publicly-traded company reported that its revenue increased to $1.9 billion in the year 2021, representing an increase of 108%. The number of daily users increased by 55% over the same period, rising to 45.5 million. With the platform growing ever bigger, eyes will be on Roblox to see how they increase their market share in the gaming space.

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