Project N Round-Up: January’s Top Headlines

The first month of 2022 is complete, and we certainly have some major headlines to look at.

It’s already February which means that it’s time to give you the latest news and trends from the world of marketing video games. This month we’ve got news on – the acquisition everyone is talking about, more video games turning into TV shows, Twitter’s helpful marketing calendar, and more…Starting with a range of acquisitions featuring eye-watering figures, it’ll be interesting to see if the rest of 2022 can keep up with the pace set in January!

Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard

Undoubtedly the biggest news of the month came when Microsoft made the largest acquisition in recent video game history. To think we thought $7bn for Zenimax was a lot! This month Microsoft reportedly spent an eye-watering $70bn on acquiring Activision Blizzard, giving the Xbox manufacturer access to enormous franchises like Call of Duty, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, World of Warcraft, and even a healthy base in the mobile sector since it now owns Candy Crush Saga developer King.

Netflix and Disney+ battle for content

The battle of the streaming services continues between Netflix and Disney+. The streaming giant Netflix risks losing a whooping 750,000 subscribers to Disney+, who recently snatched the rights to popular shows such as Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother – likely with more to come. Additionally, both services are racing to grow their power in Africa, and are both working with major players from Nigeria and South Africa.

Video games continuing to grow in success as TV shows

At the very end of January, we got a look at a trailer of Paramount’s new Halo TV series. After a big year of successful video game TV series crossovers in 2021, such as Riot’s Arcane Netflix series and mega success The Witcher, it’s no surprise to see more and more popular video game franchises hit our TVs and streaming services. The next big series to come will be HBO’s The Last of Us, rumored to be launching in “late 2022”. The Halo TV series will be available to stream in the US from Paramount+ from March 24th.

Nintendo Switch was Europe, Japan, and the US’ best-selling console of 2021

2021 was a busy year for the industry – according to GSD, in Europe alone over 170 million games, seven million consoles, and 19 million accessories were sold! And we also know that Nintendo’s Switch was the best-selling console of the year in Europe, Japan, and the US, despite sales slowing across most of Europe compared to 2020.

Twitter shares a 2022 major events calendar for marketers

The calendar can be filtered by geography and type of event, helping businesses, social media managers, and marketers plan their year. Getting all those key dates into diaries to help to get Twitter feeds buzzing and make their brands more relevant will be much easier as a result. Take a look at this calendar here!

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