Industry Round-up: Breaking Down November’s Top Headlines

As we head into the dark days of winter, let's brighten up your news feed with the latest trends from the world of marketing.

As we put together the penultimate industry round-up of 2021, we can’t help but reflect on the many changes that this year has brought to the world of video game marketing. Without wishing to cannibalise next month’s end-of-year content, it’s safe to say it’s been a year defined by streaming – whether that be game streaming, streaming services getting into gaming, or, as Instagram has now offered, livestreaming shopping.

This month we’ve got updates on all the biggest hitters – Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, and Twitch are all making big moves. Meanwhile, the polarising platform Twitter has hit a new user milestone.

Netflix Games goes live

To kick off November, Netflix launched its first run of mobile games, first to Android users and then a week later to iOS. Subscribers have five games to choose from right now, but expect more to become available soon!

Spotify explores TikTok-style video feed

Spotify is the latest platform to jump on board the short-form video bandwagon. The company is currently beta testing an app that shows fullscreen video clips while songs are played. This arrived just as Netflix launched a similar function on its iOS app to help users find new content to watch, proving once more the importance of video to platform holders. 

Instagram launches livestream shopping

For the last two months of the year Instagram will be leaning deeper into ‘livestream commerce‘, hosting a range of shopping-based broadcasts including weekly interactive livestreams. To entice users to shop through Instagram, the platform is offering 20% off users’ first purchase, as well as free shipping on eligible purchases. The potential of livestream commerce is huge – for proof of this we can look to China, where livestream commerce is projected to become a $423 billion industry by 2023.

Twitch makes the Switch

You can now watch livestream gaming, esports, and IRL broadcasts from the comfort of your Nintendo Switch. Netflix still evades the console, but this could be seen as one step closer to the Switch becoming a true multimedia device. 

Twitter reaches 211 million daily active tweeters

Twitter saw a huge increase in users, according to its Q3 report Twitter’s daily users reached up to 211 million, a 13% increase from last year. We wonder how much the outage of a certain competitor could have contributed to this growth…

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