What to Consider When Launching Your Mobile Game

Tips on making sure your mobile game launch drives effective reach

A man playing a mobile game in a brightly coloured t-shirt

The mobile gaming industry continues to grow, with App Annie estimating that mobile games will generate over $120 billion worldwide in 2021. It’s not surprising that so many developers are jumping onto mobile platforms with such a huge opportunity available, but that means it’s getting harder to be picked out from among the crowd.

You could have a really inventive game with a compelling gameplay loop and a deep metagame, but if people don’t know that your game has even launched, reaching new audiences and driving downloads becomes a challenge. Here are some tips on making sure your game gets off to a great start and keeps players coming back for more.

Gather your assets

If you want to get spotted on an app store, your game needs to look incredible. With so many mobile games available, players are quick to judge, and will look past your game if it doesn’t immediately catch their eye.

Ensure your still and video assets are correctly sized and suitably flashy – show off cool moments of gameplay with some very brief text overlaid to explain what the player will actually be doing in the game. And remember that the preview images and videos players see when scrolling through the store will be even smaller, so ensuring your text is readable and the gameplay is understandable in a tiny image is crucial.

Build a social media presence

If you’re planning on building a community for your game, you need somewhere for that community to go. And while Reddit and Discord are both great tools to foster a community, you’re better off having a channel you have total control of when interested players come looking.

Building up a social media presence gives you a chance to market your game to a wider audience, while keeping the invested players up to date with the latest updates and events. Twitter and Instagram are the best places to start, but social media is constantly evolving, and new avenues are opening all the time. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve by keeping up to date with changes in trends and algorithms, simply by following key marketing advice sites, and the platforms own blogs.  

Make them an offer

Monetising your mobile game is an incredibly specialist topic, but from a marketing perspective, having a big offer available to new players is likely to keep their eyes on your game for a while longer.

Daily login rewards encourage players to keep coming back, and offering a unique or powerful item for logging in repeatedly during the launch period will keep interested players hooked in to see how that reward improves their experience. You could also offer IAPs at a discount for a period, though you may want to wait until your players have had time to settle into the game before going for the hard sell.

Spread the word

Mobile gaming may not get the same level of press coverage as console or PC gaming at present, but the specialist publications that do cover mobile are invaluable for spreading word about your game when it’s time to launch.

Tell journalists about your game early, get them a playable version as soon as you can, and if you have a unique story to tell, use it. And do some research on the writers before you pitch your game to them. Journalists will almost certainly remember you if you send them a completely irrelevant pitch, and not for the right reasons.

You may also need to tailor your content pitch depending on the publication you’re contacting. For example, if a site is more focused on guide content, sending them a standard announcement press release won’t catch their attention. But if you were to offer up an interview about the game, or some tips and guides for your game that their writers can use, it could stand you in better stead of getting covered.


With these tips in mind, hopefully you’re ready for a successful launch for your mobile game. And if you need a friendly hand to get your copy sparkling and your assets looking incredible, get in touch to see how Project N can help.