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PLAION: Dead Island 2 HAUS DLC content

A horrific return to Dead Island 2

After our successful creative work on the launch and post-launch support of Dambuster Studios’ Dead Island 2, we once again partnered with PLAION to produce content for the ambitious downloadable content pack, HAUS.

HAUS is a stylish, elevated-horror-inspired expansion for the action-adventure game, featuring new environments, characters, and an outrageous new storyline. The expansion is set within an opulent mansion that houses a disturbing cult working on eternal life using – you guessed it – zombies.

The Host HAUS

It all started with a conversation at Gamescom 2023. Using our work on the base game as a jumping-off point, we pitched HAUS-themed variants of previous content types designed to introduce players to the new enemy variants, locations, and weapons within the DLC. We also pitched an updated version of the ‘Selling Sunset’ video, to introduce players to the chilling new setting with a creeping sense of dread.

It was clear from the start that Project N had a succinct understanding of what the client wanted, with much of our draft work passing without the need for amends. We knew exactly what to shoot and capture to communicate the appeal of HAUS. We were delighted with the positive feedback received from the client, who recognized the influence of A24’s horror movie trailers on our work for HAUS.

The new Selling Sunset was a resounding success, featuring fantastic voicework that sold the idea of a spoof property show. The cult recruitment video took inspiration from inspirational commercials, injected with a disconcerting and sinister undertone that built curiosity among fans about the nature of the DLC. The high-fashion video looked to the likes of Balenciaga for inspiration, mixing frenetic editing with menacing vibes.

To demonstrate the high-fashion-inspired character designs of HAUS’ creepy cult members, we created a spoof fashion commercial, with copious amounts of latex. We also put together a weapon highlight video for the new crossbow, and a recruitment video for the in-game cult, complete with a spectacular performance from a VO artist of our script. A mixture of stock footage and in-game capture struck the perfect balance between tone-setting and gameplay.

We also created a commercial for the in-game diner Long Piglets – and its formidable mascot who is one of the major enemies in the DLC. Using a juxtaposition of Americana vibes, ‘50s style music, and an all-American voiceover, the trailer represented a skewed version of a familiar concept. The horrifying visuals which slowly took over the video made for an unsettling watch that encapsulated the ethos of the game.

Feedback to all deliverables was overwhelmingly positive. To be recognized as a trusted agency for this high-profile client was a huge compliment and a fantastic achievement for all involved. We look forward to working with PLAION again, so watch this space…

“Project N’s collaboration on Dead Island 2 keeps delivering playful and high quality assets that entertain and captivate our players. HAUS spirit and tone was quickly understood and translated in exciting social content”
Nicolo Testi - Head of Franchise, PLAION

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