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Tekken: Official Discord

Project N gathers Iron Fist fans.

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Bandai Namco delighted fighting game fans everywhere in late 2022, when they announced the next instalment of a legendary fighting game franchise – Tekken 8. Following the success of the official Elden Ring Discord server, the publisher was looking to establish a home for the fans of the franchise to gather, discuss tips and theories, and organize matches.

The official Tekken Official Discord server was launched in February 2023, complete with a plethora of channels, custom emojis, and a moderation team in place to keep conversations running smoothly. The goal of the project was to provide an online home with an official stamp for fans of the franchise to celebrate their hype, as well as maintain excitement for the game's full launch slated for January 2024, and serve as a community hub post-launch.

We advised and created assets, including iconography, emojis, and copy in tandem. We also implemented and rolled out comprehensive community guidelines, rules, and policies, along with an extensive moderator handbook.

We implemented automated moderation bots that filter for excessive language, spam, and harmful material. We also added a ticket system for users to request assistance, as well as anti-raid protection.

The server immediately began to fill up, and has now accumulated over 27,000 users. To date over 660,295 messages have been exchanged on the server, keeping the hype for the upcoming game maintained in the build-up to release.

The server saw a spike in users during the game's testing stages. The Closed Network Test in July and Closed Beta Test in October sent users in their droves to the server, many of whom shared their favorite combos and opinions about the new game. Here, we expanded features and areas for users based on their needs, including dedicated areas for matchups and discussion areas for the Closed Beta Test.

“Needless to say, the Project N team packs a punch
Théo Rusé-Cartereau - Community specialist at Bandai Namco Europe

“After working with Project N on the Elden Ring server, we joined forces again with their team for another round, this time for TEKKEN,” said Théo Rusé-Cartereau, Community specialist at Bandai Namco Europe. “Setting up this new Discord server was a smooth experience, with its features expanded to meet the needs of our audience as it grew. Needless to say, the Project N team packs a punch!”

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You can check out the Tekken Offical Discord server here.

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